Commercial Insurance

What do I need for my Business?  Am I too small for certain coverage or is the size of my business and what my business offers more demanding than I have in my current policy?  These are questions, you the owner, should be asking yourself and we at Blackburn/Tabb take on the role of counselors and advisors for all niches in the business community ranging from areas of Liability such as Professional, Directors and Officers, Pollution, Cyber liability, Products liability, Commercial Auto liability to name a few.   Then there are property coverages that need to be addressed such as co-insurance penalty if under-insured read more here from one of our carriers Does your policy offer Business Income Extra Expense?  Care Custody and Control of your business client’s property?  There are many questions regarding specific coverage that may or may not adhere to your specific business but what if it does and you do not have adequate coverage should a loss occur?   The nuances of coverage interpretation are at best vast as well as confusing to someone not familiar with insurance. 

Whether you are a start-up business or multinational, we can handle your business' insurance. The size of your business doesn't matter - we can use your business' history to create an acceptable solution that meets your needs. Protecting your company should not be a burden or a struggle. If we can handle it, we can make it better. At Blackburn-Tabb Insurance Agency we love a challenge; we have the experience, to understand all risks, and the insurance relationships to solve your problem.