Young Drivers

Young Drivers

First and foremost: Don’t assume you’ll save money on your own car insurance by having your teen driver purchase a separate policy. Your teen will just end up paying more than either of you would if you added him to your policy.  To help save money on car insurance, encourage your teen:


  • Get good grades. Many auto insurance companies offer good student discounts, which are discounts for teen drivers who make a certain grade point average (usually somewhere in the B-average range).


  • Enroll in driver's education. Your state may or may not require Driver's Ed. However, many providers offer discounts for successfully completing a driver’s education course.


  • Take an additional driver training course, the extra training brings instant and future benefits as far as safe driving is concerned.


  • Avoid a fancy ride. Newer model, flashy cars are more expensive to insure than older model, practical rides.  And by “sensible” we mean a used vehicle with a high safety rating (bonus points for added safety features). 


  • Pay a higher deductible, it will help lower insurance rates overall.  Yes, teens are more prone to accidents; however, if your teen drives an older model car that isn’t financed, it might make more financial sense to skip these optional coverage types.


  • Find out if you can include your teen driver on your policy as an “occasional” or “pleasure-use only” driver. Listing him as a primary driver will cost more however keep in mind if there are 3 cars and 3 drivers your teen will be assigned to a vehicle as a “principal” driver]. 


  • Ask about multiple vehicle auto insurance discounts. Adding another vehicle to a policy that already has at least one vehicle could earn you a discount or having your home insured with the same company.

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Have the talk with your teen today!  Make sure that they understand what is acceptable behavior when driving a car.  For further reinforcement, download the Teen-Parent contract.  Go over the rules of the road and have them commit to being responsible while operating the vehicle.  This simple act may help prevent a catastrophic result. 



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